Tuesday, June 2, 2015

GAME THEORY.... A Leadership Moment.

... in a crucial situation, when all parties involve are willing to share, cooperate n collaborate addressing common challenges, the resolution outcome by far be better than individual team objectives.

-  Game theory was introduced in 1960 by John NASH Princeton Unive rsity Math Professor who discovered unique complex math formula to predict the outcome of decision made in any circumstance from dating, shopping and working. In 1994, John NASH received Nobel prize in economic due lots of benefits gained by people and government who adopt n utilize game theory. Some of famous great conflict resolutions link with game theory were Cuba Crisis (Kennedy-Krushev) and Star War (Reagan- Andropov). These two events could potentially become major catastrophes to the world and humanity.

-   Game theory through a more complex math modeling enable us to proof in any crucial circumstance when all parties involve are willing to SHARE, COOPERATE n COLLABORATE. The outcome of decision would potentially by far be better than an individual or segmented objective.

-  Game theory has been successfully adopted n widely implemented in the complex areas such as money market, corp strategy, labor union negotiation till a two-nation and/or regional conflict.

-   Game theory supersedes earlier zero-sum theory which was introduced by Math Guru John VON NEUMANN. Base on zero-sum theory states in a ecosystem, when there is one loose there must be a winner... Always a Win-Loose.

-   Game theory contrast with Adam Smith's classical theory which was introduced back in 18th centuries... Poverty would be better when an individual chasing her or his own interest because natural equilibrium will be achieved from all egoistic individual.

Key messages... Always think to share, cooperate n collaborate mind set when resolving a complex multi dimension challenges... means willing to share n give more rather than conquer or defeat.

The outcome will by far be better than individual objective. always prevent loos-win outcome.

Summarized from Koran Tempo, Saturday May 30 2015.

Al Quran sudah menerangkan Game Theori secara RUHIYAH 14 abad yang lalu... bukan dengan formula matematika yang rumit.

Dalam Al Quran... Surat Al Anam ayat 47. Allah melarang Sengketa, akan berakhir dengan kegagalan dan akhirnya kejayaan diabaikan.

Jika ALLAH tak membendung... SUNNAHTULLAH... Serangkaian perilaku manusia yg melanggar Akan berbenturan semuanya serta berakhir dengan kerusakan dan kebinasaan.

QS 6 Ayat 47
Katakanlah (Muhammad), "Terangkanlah kepadaku jika siksaan Allah sampai kepadamu secara tiba tiba atau terang terangan, maka adakah yang dibunasakan (Allah) selain orang orang yang zalim?"

ISLAM mengajarkan berbagi, bekerjasama dan berkolaborasi dalam rambu rambu yang sudah ditetapkan dalam Al Quran dan hadist.

Bukan melalui tindakan menang sendiri, agresi dan mengendalikan atau menguasai.


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